Contact: Mr. Michele Arzoni

Address: Via XXV Aprile, 37/A – 60125 Ancona

Phone: (+39) 071 2275378
or (+39) 071 2275384

Website: www.enfapmarche.it

E-Mail: info@enfapmarche.it

ENFAP Marche is the VET training provider of the Trade Union UIL MARCHE, accredited by Marche Region.
It has been working through the main funds, interprofessional, ministerial and European Social Funds for years.

ENFAP is an active member of EAfA – EUROPEAN ALLIANCE FOR APPRENTICESHIPS since 2016 when was signed between the two Organisations the Commitment and the Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation.

ENFAP boasts many years of experience in the management of Apprenticeships (abouth 400 paths per year since 2001) and mobility actions for learners abroad within the projects financed by both European Social Fund of Marche Region, LLP-Leonardo Da Vinci Programme (2007-2013) and Erasmus+ Programme.

Reattiva – Campobasso, IT

Contact: Mr. Massimo Aloe

Address: Via Mazzini, 104 – 86100 Campobasso

Phone: (+39) 0874 1961800
or (+39) 0874 1960942

Website: www.reattiva.eu

E-Mail: info@reattiva.eu

Based both in Florence (Tuscany Region) and Campobasso (Molise Region), Reattiva is a VET service provider working in cooperation with a network of public and private bodies, companies, universities and schools, the active subjects of social life, with the main purpose of providing vocational, education and training services.

Reattiva has also a longstanding experience in EU projects and relevant competences in managing EU projects in the frame of Erasmus+, LLP, ESF, Daphne and FEI, both as a promoter and partner, always connected to the social and educational/training fields.

Reattiva promotes, in particular, also the learning mobility as land of acquisition of key knowledge, competences and outcomes to enter the labour market.

IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH – Frankfurt (Oder), DE

Contact: Mr. Hartmut Schäfer

Address: Puschkinstr. 12b, 15236 Frankfurt (Oder)

Phone: (+49) 335 5621 2100

Website: www.ihk-projekt.de

E-Mail: schaefer@ihk-projekt.de

IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH with its training center is a well-established regional provider of vocational education and training and part of the nationwide network within the “IHK family”.

In this role we provide innovative qualification courses for employees and employers adapting to the changing demands of the labour market and new learning environments.

Parallel to our engagement as a VET provider, IHKPG was involved in numerous European projects for exchanging experiences in the field of vocational education and training.
Due to our commitment as national ECVET experts and being the competent body for VET, we are familiar with the procedures for the definition, assessment, validation and recognition of “learning outcomes”.

Asociatia European Academy – Bucharest, RO

Contact: Mr. Andrea Menna

Address: Strada Economu Cezarescu, 31B, Sector 6, Bucuresti

Phone: (+40) 728 868862

Website: www.europeanacademy.ro

E-Mail: info@europeanacademy.ro

European Academy is a Romanian VET training organisation deeply involved in educational and research activities financed by the European Social Fund and international cooperation projects, dedicated to learners, teachers, trainers, minorities, persons with special needs and other disadvantaged target groups.

The scope of work is to increase capacity of local actors to address employment policies, to access to labour market for unemployed, marginalized and underprivileged groups and to provide services, training courses and life learning programs that support and promote social inclusion.

Hermes Corporation – Malta

Contact: Ms. Patricia Estanqueiro

Address: 36, Triq Sir William Reid , 1038 GZR Malta

Phone: +356 99018812
or +356 27336012

Website: www.hermesjobs.com

E-Mail: info@hermesjobs.com

Hermes is a VET provider based in Malta whose purpose is to contribute to the improvement of training aimed at the world of work.

It works in cooperation with a network of schools, VET providers, universities, associations, social parties, companies, with the main purpose of implementing regional, national and European projects.

Within the framework of National and European programmes Hermes act as hosting partner, assisting learners during their learning and training path in Malta.

Apopsi S.A. – Greece

Contact: Mr. Daniel Jianu

Address: Antipliarchou P. Vlachakou 38-40, 18545 Piraeus Greece

Phone: 210 4629300
Fax: 210 4619565

Website: www.apopsi.gr

Email: djianu@apopsi.gr

APOPSI S.A. was established in 1995 and operates in the field of Vocational Training, Career Counseling and Information Technologies.

It is one of the largest Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning Centers in Greece with national coverage.

APOPSI S.A. is certified by the National Certification Agency for Qualifications and Career Guidance.

APOPSI SA combines long-term experience in designing, managing and implementing European programs related to vocational training, strengthening human resources and skills, social inclusion, and entrepreneurship and has a wide network of partners and collaborating organizations from Greece and abroad.

Federation of Attica and Piraeus Industries (SVAP)

Contact: Mrs. Katerina Rimpopoulou (Director)

Address: Amerikis 10, Athens, 10671

Phone: (+30) 210 3392567

Website: www.svap.gr

E-Mail: svap@svap.gr

SVAP is a Federation whose mission is to support and assist industries and SMEs established in Athens and Piraeus to overcome difficulties and to develop sustainable growth strategies.

SVAP, through a wide network of partners and external collaborators, will promote the project and EU VET Mobility in Greece at different levels and segments of the society.

SVAP owns the Certificate of conformity of management system which enables the Federation to take part in various projects concerning the local community, SMEs and the labour.

Since 2012 SVAP is responsible for training programs organised for employees by the Manpower Employment Organization (OAED).

SVAP has participate in a project for Gender Equality in the Workforce and in many other training projects for the workforce in the wider area of Athens.